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Even the most careful drivers can unexpectedly receive traffic tickets, and seemingly minor violations can significantly affect your driving privileges. Every traffic ticket you receive for violating Missouri’s driving laws will likely result in points added to your driver’s license, meaning you are liable for fines, having your license suspended, attending traffic school, and experiencing higher insurance rates. Many drivers with traffic tickets choose to simply pay them, not realizing this approach is essentially pleading guilty to the violation. Removing any chance they have of avoiding points on their license or related criminal and administrative penalties.

Review the information on traffic tickets below, then contact Your Traffic Ticket LawyerYour Traffic Ticket Lawyer today to learn how you can benefit from our legal representation. Our award-winning team of traffic ticket attorneys has the knowledge and experience to advocate for you, protect your rights, and deliver the best outcome in your case.

Your Options for Responding to Traffic Tickets

While different counties, cities, and municipalities may follow other practices for processing traffic tickets, most tickets will include a specific date and time of a court appearance during which you are expected to show up and submit your plea. Other tickets, like those issued on the state highway system, may order you to appear in court only if you neglect to pay the fines listed on your ticket.

Missouri driving laws require you to respond to your citation before the court date listed on the ticket , which is usually around 30 to 45 days after the date you received the ticket for your infraction. There are three main options available for responding to traffic tickets:

1. Paying the Ticket

This acknowledges that you accept the violation you have been charged with and waive the right to challenge the ticket later in court. Points will be added against your driver’s license based on the specific laws you violated, and you will be held responsible for all penalties decided by the court. If you receive 8 points within 18 months, you will face a suspension, 12 points in 12 months results in a one year revocation.

2. Paying the Ticket and Enrolling in a Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

This option is only available in certain counties, and if you are eligible to select a DIP instead of having points added to your driving record, this also amounts to a conviction for the violation. After you have fulfilled the requirements of the program, points will not be assessed against your driver’s licnese.

3. Requesting a Contested Hearing

Instead of pleading guilty to the violation by paying the ticket, you can plead “not guilty” by checking the appropriate box on the ticket and submitting it to the court by mail. While you can choose to request a contested hearing without legal representation, you have a substantially better chance of success when you complete this step with an experienced traffic ticket lawyer.

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Get a Traffic Ticket?

When you hire the services of an experienced traffic ticket attorney, you can navigate this process with confidence, knowing you have someone on your side protecting your constitutional rights and preserving your driving privileges. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of motorists attempt to handle their traffic tickets alone and quickly discover that even the most straightforward cases can become complicated and confusing. Working with an attorney from the very beginning means you will receive expert legal assistance throughout the entire process,
from preparing your case to aggressively advocating for you in court. Your attorney can request that the court reduce your penalties or even completely dismiss the case, meaning you can avoid the exorbitant insurance premiums that most companies will impose for three to five years.

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If you received a traffic ticket for speeding or other moving violations, contact Your Traffic Ticket Lawyer today to discuss your case with our expert team. We offer top-rate legal representation to clients throughout Platte County, Missouri, including Kansas City, Parkville, Platte City, Northmoore, Lake Waukomis, Weatherby Lake, Platte Woods,Weston, Deerfield, Edgerton, Ferrelview, Houston Lake, Tracy, and Riverside. Our dedicated, compassionate team of traffic ticket attorneys can help you navigate any type of driving violation, from a DUI charge to driving without insurance, failure to yield or following too closely, or driving with a suspended or revoked license. For a consultation with our team, visit our website and submit the contact form.