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Virtually every driver has received a traffic ticket of some kind and quickly realized that even the most seemingly minor violations of speeding or failing to stop at a traffic control device or more serious citations such as driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, driving while suspended, driving while revoked, and careless driving can become serious threats to your freedom and future. Because traffic tickets appear on your driving record, they can be used to restrict your driving privileges and raise your insurance premium costs exorbitantly. Unfortunately, the complexity of the ticket process and the desire to avoid court appearances cause the vast majority of drivers to simply pay the fine, but this tactic effectively serves as a guilty plea, undermining the future chances of reducing points on your license or avoiding the associated penalties.

Contact Your Traffic Ticket Lawyer today if you are facing a traffic ticket in Clay County, Missouri. Our expert team of experienced traffic ticket attorneys can inform you about your legal options for fighting the tickets, so your rights remain protected, your driving record stays clean, and your freedom to exercise your driving privilege is preserved.

What to Do When You Receive a Traffic Ticket

How you respond to a traffic ticket can significantly affect the outcome of your case. When you receive a ticket, take the following steps to obtain the best chance of avoiding added points on your driving record and costly penalties:

1. Do Not Ignore the Traffic Ticket

It may be appealing to shove it into your glove box and forget about it but failing to handle the matter promptly increases the likelihood of a suspended license, higher fines, mandatory court appearances, warrants issued for your arrest, or even a sentence involving jail time.

2. Do Not Just Pay the Ticket

If you pay the ticket without first consulting an attorney, you are essentially pleading guilty to the violation and therefore giving up your right to fight the charge in court. A conviction will result in points added to your driving record, and as these points accumulate, you become vulnerable to having your driving license suspended for 30, 60, or 90 days, and even a one year revocation of your driver’s license.

3. Contact a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Immediately

An attorney with experience navigating the traffic ticket process has the legal knowledge and resources to prepare an effective defense against your charge. They can gather evidence of the circumstances surrounding the offense, advocate for you in court, request that your ticket be amended or dismissed, and even plead the violation to a minor infraction that keeps points from being added to your record.

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Get a Traffic Ticket?

Due to the desire to avoid the consequences or make an appearance in court, 95% of motorists who receive a traffic ticket will simply pay the ticket without exploring their legal options. You may think you can effectively handle this situation personally, but even straightforward cases can become complicated and overwhelming. Hiring an experienced traffic ticket lawyer’s services is the best decision you can make to reach a favorable outcome in your case. Your attorney can protect your rights and aggressively advocate for you in court to reduce your penalties or have the charge dismissed altogether. With their help, you can also avoid your insurance company penalizing you with increased premiums.

Protect Your Freedom to Drive

Contact Your Traffic Ticket Lawyer today if you have received a ticket for a moving violation, such as DUI, driving without insurance, or driving with a suspended or revoked license. While you may be tempted to simply pay the ticket to put the violation behind you, the wisest course of action is to speak with an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Most clients discover that the attorney fees amount to far less than they would have paid in additional fines and increased insurance premiums. For superior legal representation in Avondale, Birmingham, Claycomo,Excelsior Springs, Gladstone, Kansas City, Kearney, Liberty, Mosby, North Kansas City, Oakview, Pleasant Valley, Smithville, and other cities in Clay County, Missouri, visit our website and submit the contact form to schedule a free consultation with our team.