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Traffic tickets are incredibly common throughout the country, with research showing that American motorists receive approximately 41 million traffic tickets each year just for speeding violations. When you pay a traffic ticket for reckless driving without consulting an attorney first, you are essentially pleading guilty to the breach and relinquishing your right to fight for reduced penalties in the future. Traffic tickets assess points against your driving record, which the Department of Revenue can use to place restrictions on your driving privilege and the Courts can
use yo order mandatory traffic school, or even impose a jail sentence. Insurance companies periodically run your driving record where they discover the assessed points and most of the time dramatically increase your premiums in response.

If you have received a traffic ticket in Johnson County, Missouri, contact Your Traffic Ticket Lawyer today to learn more about how we can help you navigate your charges to deliver the best outcome in your case. Our award-winning team of traffic ticket attorneys will inform you of your options for contesting the ticket, protect your constitutional rights, preserve your driving freedom, and aggressively advocate for you in court if necessary.

Missouri Driving Law

Every state contains certain statutes that prohibit motorists from reckless driving, but the State of Missouri focuses on the prevention of “careless and imprudent driving,” or any actions taken during the operation of your vehicle that pose a safety hazard to the public. According to this law, all motorists traveling Missouri’s roadways must use the “highest degree of care” when driving, behave in a “careful and prudent” manner, and follow posted speed limits to avoid endangering other people or damaging their property.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines means you are at risk of being pulled over and charged with a traffic violation that can lead to points being assessed against your driving record, along with fines, license suspensions or revocation, and even jail time. The more violations you are convicted of, the more points will be assessed against your record, and the longer your license suspension and/or revocation can last. Careless and imprudent driving violations typically lead to four points on your license, but you can face additional points for other specific offenses.

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Get a Traffic Ticket?

A traffic ticket lawyer can significantly improve the outcome of your traffic ticket in several ways, including:

  • Amending your traffic ticket so it becomes a “no-point, non-moving violation” or does not lead to additional points on your driving record.

  • Reducing the number of points added to your record, helping to protect your license from being suspended or revoked.

  • Suspended imposition of sentence, in which you receive a probationary period and avoid added points on your record and associated penalties if you are not charged with additional violations during the probationary period.

  • Arguing that defective equipment was implemented by the charging officer when determining you violated a driving law, such as faulty traffic cameras or radar guns.

  • Having your case dismissed altogether by the court.

Contact Us Today for Expert Legal Representation

With help from Your Traffic Ticket Lawyer, you can effectively fight against your traffic charges, keep your driving record clean, and retain your driving privileges. Our team of skillful traffic ticket attorneys has decades of combined experience helping drivers throughout Johnson County, Missouri, including residents of Warrensburg, Knob Noster, LaMonte, Holden, and Leeton. We have successfully defended motorists facing charges for a wide variety of driving
violations, such as DUI, driving without insurance, and driving with a suspended license or revoked license. Review our testimonials to hear directly from our loyal clients, then contact us today for a free consultation by visiting our website and submitting the contact form.